Art is not chaste.
Those ill prepared should be allowed no contact with art.
Art is dangerous. If it is chaste, it is not art.
— Picasso

What I Offer

I am a multidisciplinary artist and muse with over a decade of experience in front of and behind the lens. There is no concept too bold for me - I'm well versed in yoga, contortion, dance, + set design. 

I'm passionate about exploring true vulnerability through intimate collaboration with other artists. Whether you have a vision or are looking to find one - I welcome the challenge. 

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I do all my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe. I'm available to style shoots as well. If you visit me at my studio in Upland, PA I have a wide variety of clothing and props to choose from & I always travel with an attractive selection of genuine vintage pieces. 

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My Story

Art is how I make sense of the world, how I articulate and explore what is painful or joyful or challenging. Discovery may be the best word for it. It is a process I invite you to share. Making meaning is perhaps the most important thing we can do with this life. My love affair began with poetry, lead to prose, and then to the camera where I found a way beyond the limitations of language.

An act of creation heals the self and the world. I am inspired by the stories of the people I collaborate with, by the resiliency of the human spirit, and the ability to come together in times of extreme division.

Want to know more about what made me who I am as an artist?
Check out the Reading List full of books across every genre that shook my world! 

Why Nude?

People often ask me why the nude form is so prominent in my work. This isn't an easy one to answer. I'll begin with the obvious; the human body is magnificent and beautiful in every manifestation and I think it's worth celebrating. I believe that nakedness is our first language, it brings us back to the primal being, before there was a self and an identity to perform. It is the most honest part of humanity. The body tells stories and they are always true. I use the nude form as an instrument to seek truth wherever it hides in this world of illusion. This is in protest of lying. This is in protest of the idea that the naked body is a weapon. 

Having experienced the power of body positive nudity in my own life, this is the foundation on which I built my nude yoga classes. Join us for a session to see for yourself the freeing power of nude movement in a safe, inclusive space.

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Does man love Art?
Man visits Art, but squirms. Art hurts. Art urges voyages.
Art embraces the province of the possible, and that open territory is not always sweet & succulent.


"Lior is so explosively creative, it's hard to keep up, but a load of fun trying. Whether we're shooting my ideas, her ideas, or something totally neither of us expected, she attacks the shoot with so much passion and energy, the images make themselves. I can't wait to work with her again."

"Working with Lior is a wonderful experience. She has lots of creative ideas, energy and endless poses. She's very professional, on time to the shoot, and easy to work with. I liked how she has an understanding of both modelling and photography. I'd highly recommend her if one is looking for an imaginative, bold and willing to do what's needed to get the shot model."

"From her explosive energy to the way she will bend and twist to capture a moment, Lior is a force of nature as a photographer. She created a (figurative) space for us to work in that felt safe and that in turn allowed for a truly immersive encounter. I felt her commitment to art and the value that she put into the short amount of time that we had! I very much look forward to working with Lior again in the future and would recommend her to anyone and absolutely everyone!"

"I can't say enough good things about Lior. She has a great personality, is fun and personable, and is just a joy to be around. I had a vision that I wanted to create, and she worked to fulfill that as well as brought her own ideas and creativity to the project."

"Lior and I had an outdoor shoot with instax film and cameras; this was a superb shoot. The early morning and secluded location provided for a perfect setting to get artistic and creative shots. I was wowed at how well the instax delivered, and enchanted by Lior's expertise and ease of posing. She moved through poses smoothly and gracefully. The results from the shoot were a fascinating display of the unique style of instax film shooting."