Poetry as Participation

How do you define Home? This is the taste + texture of mine.
These are the photos I take for me. Here is an invitation - Step inside.

the past is no sanctuary

time set fire to my ghosts

spoken memories I can’t see through

smoke kisses the wood with burns

is there safety in a spiral of feeling?

know where to see choice

in the soul’s evolution 

all driven until desire is spent


Words offered by Nikita Pereira, Jenna Citrus, Marcus Gregory, + Anonymous.

All photographs are 35mm + 120mm film
© Lior Allay 2019

PNW SP FILM-62.jpg
PNW SP FILM-60.jpg
PNW SP FILM-18.jpg

The participants in this experiment allowed their imagination to process this visual space. They chose 5-10 words that described their emotional journey through this visual landscape + shared them with me. From this litany of chosen language I crafted a community poem, paired with these images, + released in the August 2019 newsletter.


Please respect this CONFIDENTIAL gallery.
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