Casting Call

Womxn with facial hair
Expecting mommas
Non-white queers
Older models or dancers (40+)
People living with chronic + insivisible illnesses (like me)

Participants in these ongoing series’ are almost all non-models. Casting is ongoing for all of them, intended for a future book publication. If you’re interested in getting involved please visit the contact page - you are welcome + wanted!

Ongoing Concepts & Projects

As a holistic artist I integrate all facets of my work into conceptual frameworks that investigate social constructs. These visual essays are narratives built to explore questions that are often difficult and challenge us to become more self-aware. Encouraging introspection through art for the purpose of developing a more conscious community is something I’m extremely passionate about. I believe art shows us what is possible.

Find more information on my ongoing projects below.

Vulva Study 120mm 1-2019 (10 of 11).jpg

The Vulva Study

Seeking to find visual space for the Vulva that is captured by the female gaze, this intersectional feminist project was created in an effort to give subjectivity to a part of the body that has been objectified, colonized, and exploited by a patriarchal society for hundreds of years. These portraits aim to neutralize (or castrate) the male gaze, subverting the typical sexualization that occurs in mainstream media representations. Through poetry both written and visual we explore the intimate relationship between women and their bodies, the idea of the body as a vessel, and how the feminine is treated in our society.

I’m really excited to share this series, it’s incredibly meaningful to me and I hope will be a positive disruption in the world of art.

Please note that these images are not available for public viewing because they will become a book in the future.

BreakingBinary Photosynthesis-84.jpg

Breaking Binary

In a sea of masked faces the Breaking Binary project aims to reject the modern impulse to make ourselves smaller through over-identification and confronts the viewer with portraits that capture the full and complete essence of human beings in marginalized communities that experience discrimination and/or lack of representation. By elevating the voices of people who fall on the gender or sexuality LGBTQA+ spectrum and people of color, I hope to encourage viewers to step outside their judgements and prejudices to experience connection with the humanity that exists in us all.

We can go beyond the binary visions the blind us from Truth by cultivating compassion for those who superficially seem different. This is a visual exploration healing the wound between Self and Other.

Jemaar Masculinity Study (38 of 40).jpg

The Masculinity Study

So long as the will to dominate is paramount, love cannot exist. Women are not the only ones who suffer in a patriarchal society ruled by hedonistic consumerism and dishonesty. In submitting to this worldview, both men and women are forced to invest in a false self. For men, there is a choice between Power and Love. When they subscribe to patriarchal social roles, they too suffer. To reject feminism is to reject love and the soft parts of ourselves that acknowledge this as the deepest need, the primal wound around which all life revolves.

This visual essay is in protest against toxic masculinity, machismo, and the patriarchal regime that enslaves thousands of people all over the world. I seek men who choose a narrative of masculinity that has room for softness, protection, nurturing, and vulnerability.


These projects are entirely funded on a donation basis by the generous volunteers that participate in or support the progressive message of tolerance, inclusion, and intersectionality that started it all.

I can't thank you enough for being a part of this, for helping me to afford the film materials to shoot and develop this project. This is something I truly believe deserves to be seen by the world. I hope it will catalyze the opening of people's perception, moving us toward a more just and connected global community.

I couldn't do this without you

Big love,