You need only bring your curiosity & a camera (yes, cellphones count too - it’s not about the gear you have!) If you shoot film or are curious about that process please bring all the necessary film.

Limited quantities of 35mm + 120mm film + limited edition double exposure rolls by Bunny will be available for purchase as well as film cameras available for day rental.

Schedule of Offerings

10-11 am Meet + Greet with Q + A
Yoga + Meditation
Craft Talk + Open Discussion
Forest Bathing
Experimentation + Strategy
1-2 pm Community Lunch
Double Exposure Techniques
Self Portrait Sessions
Lior + Bunny Posing Session
5-6 pm Closing Circle + Bonfire

Educational Opportunities

Photography - digital & film
Modeling & posing
Self portraiture
Multiple exposures on film
Art as a spiritual practice
Inspiration & creativity
Yoga & meditation

Everything is offered on a sliding scale basis

Short on cash but have other art/supplies to trade?
Bring on the bartering!


Conscious Creativity

Self Discovery through Visual Art

An immersive community art event with Bunny Luna
9/14 from 10am-6pm in DETROIT, MI

This is a safe space. Join us for an inclusive, immersive all-day educational experience to nurture your practice. Come willing to learn + make new connections with a creative community in a collaborative environment.

Get support in taking creative risks
+ expanding the boundaries of your vision.

Unlock your potential + discover the transformational magic of visual art. Conscious Creativity is an opportunity for creatives of all ability levels to gain a deeper understanding of their craft + the process of self-discovery. We will experiment on all sides of the lens. This flexible learning framework allows you to receive a personalized experience tailored to your interests. You’ll learn techniques to develop your skills as a photographer, model, + self portrait artist!

Meet your instructors:

Bunny Luna

…is a multi-talented model, photographer, and self-portrait artist with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. She graduated with an associates degree in Fine Art + Photography from Rowan-Cabarrus and has collaborated with the likes of Spencer Tunick, Lauren Woods, Roarie Yum,  and other masters in the international art community. She’s motivated by self-expression beyond the limitations of language. Photography, especially self portraiture, allows one to explore parts themselves that we might not know or understand otherwise. Taking self-portraits is an integral part of her self-love practice. No matter the emotion, whatever she’s feeling she can pour into an image and this alchemical process helps her remain balanced and grounded while managing the stress of artistic self-employment.

Photography is a major way that she is am able to connect with others and share her perspective with the world. Her intention is to create art with all different kinds of people at all intersections of life, because representation matters.

If we all looked the same, the world would be so boring!

Lior Allay

…is a queer, non-binary self-taught artist, performer, aspiring social scientist, humanitarian, + single mother from the greater Philadelphia area living with chronic illness.

Their specialty lies in spontaneous design of site-specific concepts using largely found objects to create visual poems with power. They operate from both sides of the lens to execute meaningful scenes about the intersection of identity, sexuality, vulnerability, + gender in our culture today.

As an auteur their technique is defined by the poignant combination of visceral body language + everyday surrealism that encourages the viewer to ask difficult but necessary questions about the sociocultural challenges we face today.