Workshop Opportunities with Abi Najem in Toronto, Ontario

Movement Medicine for the Creative Soul

An Immersive Community Experience

June 22 from 12-6pm in Toronto, Ontario
Hosted with Abi Najem
Open to ALL creatives

Feeling uninspired or conceptually stagnant? Unlock your creative potential + discover the transformational magic of visual performing art!

Movement Medicine for the Creative Soul is a continued education opportunity for artists of all ability levels to gain a deeper understanding of their craft + the process of self-discovery. We will experiment on all sides of the lens. This flexible learning framework allows you to receive a personalized experience tailored to your interests. You’ll learn techniques to develop your craft no matter the medium - whether it be photographer, model, performance, or self portraiture.


12-12:30 pm Arrivals + Introductions
12:30-1:30 pm Yoga flow led by Lior w/ Guided Meditation
2-4 pm Lecture + Discussion w/ immersive exercises
5-6pm Structured Creative Session in groups
6-8pm Optional 1-on-1 bookings with Lior + Abi

You need only bring your curiosity & a camera (yes, cell phones count too - it’s not about the gear you have!)

This is an inclusive safe space and an immersive all-day educational experience. Come willing to learn and make new connections with a creative community in a competition-free environment.

Tickets: Max of 30 available
Sliding Scale Pricing: $50-100

The Secret to Evocative Portraiture

a Fine Art Photography Workshop

June 21 from 7-10pm in 258 Wallace Ave, Toronto - Studio #203
Hosted with Abi Najem, Lighting by Stephen Loban
Open to all level of photographers

Discover the secret to authentic creative photography with this spectacular group of interdisciplinary artists.

Learn how to get the most out of your collaborators and create spectacular evocative scenes through emotional versatility. Abi + Lior specialize in the nude form + the various ways in which authenticity, exploration, + movement play vital roles in the outcome of all creative endeavors. Their talents will be combined with the technical specialty of Toronto Photographer + lighting expert, Stephen Loban, in one exceptional opportunity to advance your artistic vision!

This will be the one and only opportunity you will get to be able to photograph both Lior and Kris in a duo as Kris is moving back to Lebanon permanently in July 2019.

Tickets: Max of 10 available
EARLY BIRD: $250 CAN per person (if you book BEFORE 6/1)
General Admissions: $300 CAN (after 6/1)


please send an email money transfer to: with the following password: “creativeduo” - no capitals or spaces please

NOTE: Lior and Kris do NOT shave. This will be an ALL NATURAL, fine art nude workshops. This is to emphasize the uniqueness of each artist.