Limited Trade Opportunities


Things I will accept as trade

  • Knoweldge - Training in another medium (painting, 3D design, sculpture, etc.)

  • Images - Posing for one of my personal projects

  • Flight vouchers, plane tickets, bus tickets, etc.

  • Guaranteed gallery exhibition with potential print saleds

  • Taxidermy, crystals, authentic vintage pieces

  • Art, art supplies, unique props, and related items

  • Film (35mm or 120mm) or functional film cameras

  • Canon full-frame lenses

  • Reiki, massage, energy work/body work of any kind

  • Medicinal herbs, CBD products, + wellness tools

Don’t have any of those items? Feel free to make me an offer!

Donation-Based Shoots:
Based on your situation, you may qualify for a donation-based session instead

Trade shoots may be subject to cancellation/rescheduling if a paid booking is requested at the same date/time.

If you request to trade I will ask you to briefly explain your situation.

Art should be accessible for all!

If you do not have the resources to hire me at my full rate but want to discuss a more flexible payment option I’m willing to work with you.

Please read carefully

In case we don’t yet know eachother, let’s get familiar. So you like my art?

I’m a single mother living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & Ulcerative Colitis. These are chronic, degenerative genetic/autoimmune disorders that will ultimately take my mobility + my life.

This is my full-time job. This is how I live. I have no agency representation, only the support of my community. I am absolutely devoted to artistic integrity, I art for art’s sake, & I challenge you to value that.

I deserve to be able to feed myself, afford my medication, & not break my body down to an early death. That is not a luxury. I’m the most understanding human on the planet, just be open & hones with me. Communication is key to everything! Tell me where you’re at while respecting the position I’m in as well.

Know what it costs me.

See the full series shot by Tracy in Toronto  on Patreon!

See the full series shot by Tracy in Toronto on Patreon!