ca·thar·sis (noun):
the process of releasing, + thereby providing relief from, strong/repressed emotions.

Light Work in the Healing Arts

Holistic Healing Arts Session:

New Clients $300 for 90 min, Returning Clients $200 for 90 min
Art is a journey of healing.
The sacred creative space releases emotional blockages.
As inspiration comes through the vessel of the body it purifies the ego. Includes a meditation, tarot reading, inspired concept design, movement improvisation, mindfulness, + empathic support followed by take home exercises to help guide you gently to the ground.
Receive a private gallery of 25 high resolution images + follow up care
Turnaround time: 2 weeks



Lior Allay is a traveling tantrika with comprehensive training that blends a spectrum of ancient yoga traditions with pilates, dance, & modern science for a flexible approach to self-discovery that is accessible for all people.

She specializes in creating body-positive experiences for healing through shame and unlocking human potential. She believes in the transformative power of nudity to find peace in our bodies and build intentional community through moments of genuine connection.

Come experience the magic for yourself!

This immersive experience combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques. You'll learn to reduce stress, relax deeply, & listen to your intuition, while increasing vitality, strength, & stamina.

This is the yoga of awareness.

Nakedness is a mental, spiritual, emotional journey of high vibrations. Nakedness isn't the act of being nude but of letting go and being free. We gear our nude yoga class to fit bodies of all shapes and sizes regardless of sexuality, gender identity, age, or ability level.

Any level of nudity is welcomed, whether topless, fully nude, or clothed. This is a safe space to express yourself and experience freedom in whatever way you’re comfortable.

Beginners need not worry: the emphasis is more on breathing and meditation than on difficult postures. Lior specializes in providing options for all ability levels so that your practice is tailored to your body’s needs.

You can find monthly nude yoga class videos on Patreon at the $25 tier

Energy Work

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

$100 for 45-60 min in person
$150 for 60 min with massage
$75 for 60 min at a distance (video)
Includes guided meditation, smudging, essential oil aromatherapy, & more!

Private Yoga Classes

$75 for 45-60min in person*
*Travel costs additional
$60 for 45 min at a distance (video)

Group Yoga Classes

$30 per person
in Rockville, MD once a month on Sundays

Tarot card readings

$15 add on to any of the above

Custom made healing crystals

Wire-wrap necklaces and pendulums $20-50 depending on the stone you choose.